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welcome to riri's pottery haus!


12.20.2014: Just updated the site for the first time in almost three years! So exciting! :P

My work consists of highly ornate functional stoneware vessels featuring my own original designs. It is a melding of precious old-style aesthetic with modern practicality, and I love to create timeless personal treasures for everyday use!

The methods by which I create my designs, forms, handles, spouts and lids are my own personal signature techniques, which owe their stunning uniqueness to the half decade it has taken me to develop them through varied trial-and-error experimentation. I like to tell my customers at art festivals that every piece they see before them began its life as a simple lump of clay, and then I happened to it!

All of my designs begin as freehand doodles in my sketchbook, which I then sculpt into various sized and shaped tiny stamps. I utilize these to create patterns consisting of up to 13 different individual repeating impressions painstakingly fit together to flow over different contours. My customers always ask where the inspiration for my designs come from, and the only answer I've ever been able to give is that my parents took me to museums all the time when I was really little - New York, Boston, Philly, etc. My best guess is that all of this varied cultural influence during my early formative years springs out whenever I doodle!

My pieces are designed primarily with utility and comfort of use in mind, and are all dishwasher, microwave and oven safe. They are extremely lightweight, sporting smooth, sumptuously curved and substantial handles and voluptuous, cleanly-pouring spouts, and are an absolute pleasure to use. Additionally, they're made with stoneware clay, which I fire to cone 6, or about 2200 degrees F, which makes them quite durable. I've created them to stand up to exactly ALL of your love and abuse!

Now, I've conducted some very important research, and as it turns out, my lovingly handcrafted vessels confer roughly a 300% tasty bonus to any beverage sipped delicately from them. You're quite welcome to add some peer review... ;)

Also, as it turns out, I'm likeable! Please check out my Facebook business page for the most up-to-date information on new pieces and events! I love to keep in touch. :)

And of course, etsy etsy etsy! :D

Below are photos of my process: